Description Services

Our team has contributed to broadcast TV from ABC and Discovery all the way to streamers like Netflix and HBO Max. ​

We train our core audio engineers as description writers so their talents and understanding of description are dialed in at the highest level at the end of the pipeline.

Blind description professionals run quality control checks on our scripts weekly. Our sighted quality control and audio team have a combined 50+ years of experience in scripting, recording, voiceover, mixing, and mastering.

Our scripting team has crafted thousands of hours of description for AI voiceovers which are perfect for educational and corporate purposes.

Voiceover artists remain the standard and the preferred choice for the blind and low vision community for entertainment audio description.

We provide stellar industry-leading scripts molded around the guidelines set forth by the American Council of the Blind.

A Stellar Team of Writers

Our writing team is provided a network of help by our expert QC staff. We never stop learning and growing as writers. STM leads in team communication thus creating tight cohesive scripts. This proves especially important in developing scripts for series under tight deadlines.
STM wants you to enjoy your entertainment. We are selective in the amount of time we insert our description into the mix. More is not the merrier.
It takes hours of training from blind and sighted description professionals to really understand tasteful description.
We provide listeners the sufficient information they need to enjoy the program and not overwhelm them with too much description.

Description narrators

Our description voiceover specialists provide a unique style of narration.
They describe vivid moving pictures with their voice.
They stay as discreet as possible so you enjoy the medium.
They speak in authoritative tones, yet strive to keep you immersed in the program with complementary inflections.
Audio description takes narration to a whole new level.
Extraordinary blind voiceover artists are available at STM. If you really want to add an extra layer of quality, you may request a blind voiceover artist. We are happy to share samples from our pool of narrators.

Specialized Audio

Recording and mix engineers are also trained to direct description voiceovers. The art of narration is not left solely to the narrator. Scripting notes and a recording engineer provide direction for the project.
Between Pro Tools and the robust industry-leading plugins, STM provides world-class mixes that we would put against any AD mix on the market.
We have company standards and guidelines when it comes to the audio pipeline. Our engineers understand they are the last piece of the puzzle and are trusted to leave their audience immersed in the content they are consuming. There are a few areas in this pipeline, where you can drop the ball and bring the listener out of the program with sloppy work. Mouth noises here, low voiceover volume there, stepping on SFX unnecessarily. Attention to detail matters at STM. The listener may be able to look past these flaws, but we hold ourselves to higher standards.